Delicious food, a passion for celebration, and good ‘ole southern hospitality is the foundation for the success of Cute Cakes. Previous owner Jill Reilly grew up in southwestern Virginia surrounded by that sense of welcome and comfort that accompanies a good meal, a good party, some good conversation… and was always topped off with a hot cup of coffee and something deliciously sweet and of course… always beautiful. She learned that baking good things to eat was about far more than simply feeding the hungry crowd…. It’s about showing love for your family, bringing comfort to those who need it, and about using your gifts and talents to make other people happy.

Jill Reilly & Sara Dean (Owner)

Cute Cakes Bakery & Café began in 2009, when Jill Reilly started with a small commissary kitchen in the back of a yogurt shop. Her products and services quickly caught on with customers who were delighted by how warmly she greeted them at every turn! In less than a year, she expanded to a small 1200 square foot space and business was booming – so much that the newly rented space didn’t even seem like enough room anymore. And then something incredible happened. Just down the street, the perfect building was available for sale! Jill saw an opportunity to create something more than a small bakery, and had the vision of adding a café that offered breakfast and lunch, alongside coffee, desserts, and of course – southern hospitality.

When Sara Dean joined the company in 2014, she was immediately drawn to its friendly atmosphere and endless opportunities. It wasn’t long before she stepped into the role of General Manager, and worked closely with Jill to continue growing and shaping the vision for the future of the business. In 2022, Jill made the difficult decision to sell the business and return home to Virginia to be closer to her family. Sara was given the opportunity to step into an ownership role with the new leadership team, which helps position the business in a way that continues the legacy and vision of its founder. Jill has become a mentor to Sara, and is still involved remotely and is excited to see what the future holds for Cute Cakes.