When Did You Join Cute Cakes?

I started working at Cute Cakes at the beginning of May 2021.

Favorite Cute Cakes Item

My favorite Cute Cakes item is actually our Cowboy Cookie! I think it’s so underrated but hey, more for me.

Favorite Part of a Celebration

My favorite part of a celebration is the initial reaction of guests coming in. All your hard work gets to finally be showcased!! The look on everyone’s faces while walking around is such a wonderful feeling. It brings peace of mind and joy all at the same time.

Biggest Pet Peeve

A big pet peeve of mine is running late, especially because it’s preventable. I pride myself on always being early. Mama taught us “If you’re not early, you’re late!”

What Covid Taught me

Something I learned during Covid is patience and grace. We need to be patient, not only with others, but ourselves too. Things were hard to navigate but we got through it together. With things opening up again we will get through that together. We must have both patience and grace again for everyone who is handling things differently than ourselves. While some are ready to jump back into life some are holding on to stress and anxiousness. We have to come together and be gracious of the process and paths we choose to take.