Employee of the Quarter

Cute Cakes is excited to have a Team that is fabulously creative, passionate about our products, and dedicated to serving our customers with excellence. Each quarter we recognize one of these outstanding employees for their contribution to the team, and how they continue to make a difference daily in the business as well as in the lives of their co-workers and our customers. Not only do they have consistently high performance, they have unique personality traits that make our Team better.  If you see one of these outstanding individuals on your next visit… thank them for making Cute Cakes Bakery your new favorite spot!

Meet our Wonderful Team!


Cake Decorator

4th Quarter 2019

Mitzi has been with Cute Cakes for just a little over three years and has become one of our finest cake decorators! Mitzi began by decorating cupcakes, simple cakes, and helping in the kitchen by making fillings. Her talent and creative abilities quickly showed through and now she continues to impress us with each cake she decorates. She has a terrific eye for detail, is always willing to help out the team and jump in to help make a customers day. Mitzi is wonderful to work with and is such a valuable team member here at Cute Cakes. We are excited to see how she will grow in 2020.


Kitchen Assistant – Line Cook

3rd Quarter 2019

Humberto joined the Cute Cakes team in January of 2019 primarily as a line cook, but was told that we wanted to cross-train him in several other areas. Up to the task, Humberto quickly proved his value on the savory line, but impressed us all with how quickly he gained skill in the baking room as well. Humberto is eager to help in whatever area he is needed, notices when things need to be done, and there are never any complaints. His hard work ethic is so appreciated and noticed, and he is such a joy to work with.


Accent Artist

2nd Quarter 2019

Nia has been with Cute Cakes for 2 years now and has grown so much in her skills as an accent artist! Her talent is amazing, and her special artistic flair adds such a unique professionalism to our cakes that other bakeries just don’t have! We are so grateful for her hard work ethic, dedication to her craft and to our business. She is an asset to our team and we all love working with her.


Custom Cake Consultant

1st Quarter 2019

Kari began as a loyal customer! She frequented the Cafe either alone or with family, and fell in love with the atmosphere, the food and the service! She asked how she could help and began work as a customer service team member. She learned the products, how to be a barista, learned how to deliver our wedding and celebration cakes and eventually moved into Cake Consulting. Kari is always looking for new ways to help out the business, and will do whatever we ask of her and whatever is needed to help our guests. She’s caring and friendly with clients and staff and has become an invaluable addition to our team.


Cafe Lead

2nd Quarter 2018

Matt began as a customer service representative and barista, and was quickly moved to Cafe Lead due to his natural ability to lead and serve. Matt represents the type of customer service that every small business wishes for, and has received more compliments on his service and professionalism from customers than any other Cute Cakes team member ever. Matt has efficiently trained new staff, worked with management to develop new procedures to increase efficiency, and is always willing to help wherever needed. We are all thrilled to work alongside such a dedicated team player.


Customer Service Associate

1st Quarter 2018

Victoria has only been with Cute Cakes for about 6 months, but already has created such a positive impact on our business with her contagious energy and enthusiasm with our customers and fellow team members. She is extremely efficient, and always ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to help the team, including working late, covering shifts, and doing tasks outside of the normal list of duties. Thank you Victoria for making Cute Cakes a little bit sweeter with your great smile and happy attitude!


Cake Artist

4th Quarter 2017

Cute Cakes has been very blessed to have Lillian on our decorating team for nearly four years, and continues to impress us with her outstanding talent and precise attention to the fine details. Lillian has become the “go-to” decorator for the highest detailed cakes, and loves to take on new challenges and new techniques. She is eager to help others learn and improve their skills by sharing her “tricks of the trade” with the team. Thank you Lillian for helping us stay Number One in the designer cake industry!


Production Manager (Gaslamp)

3rd Quarter 2017

As the Production Manager at our Gaslamp location, Allison tirelessly leads her team in not only the Production needs of the Gaslamp location but helps keep the Escondido location stocked each week with 100’s of pounds of buttercream, gluten and vegan friendly products, as well as about 75% of our cupcakes! Allison works whenever and wherever needed, willingly trains staff in cakepop and truffle production, and does whatever it takes to satisfy our customers… all with an incredibly positive attitude!


Baker (Escondido Bakery & Cafe)

2nd Quarter 2017

Venus is generally the first person to get the bakery humming in the morning… stoking up the ovens, baking delicious cinnamon buns and fresh croissants, and loading our bakery cases with fresh danishes and warm cookies. Her impressive dedication to our business and our customers over the past year, and her hard work ethic are what led to her selection as Employee of the Quarter. Venus is willing to do whatever is asked of her, and always has a beautiful smile no matter how hot the kitchen gets!


Front of House Manager – Escondido Bakery & Cafe

1st Quarter 2017

Sara’s dedication to Cute Cakes is truly remarkable. Her enthusiasm and passion for the business has been astounding, has taken on any task given to her with energy and creativity, and willingly accepts feedback, both positive and negative, as a helpful tool to improve our product, service and reputation in the industry. Sara continually goes above and beyond to be helpful in any and all areas of the business. Sara takes her work, and her position very seriously and we are so very lucky to have her on our team.


Dishwasher – Escondido Bakery & Cafe

4th Quarter 2016

Artie is always on time for work, excited and eager to help in every way, in fast and efficient, and goes above and beyond to find ways to help our business! He keeps his eyes open for areas where he can help, even without being asked. Artie is kind and considerate to all of his teammates and we know we can count on him whenever needed.


Cake Artist – Escondido Bakery & Café

3rd Quarter 2016

Jennifer has excelled at any new challenge given to her and is a great team player! She is always willing to put in the extra time by coming in early or staying late, and will jump in wherever necessary to help the team get the job done. She has an excellent attitude, enjoys learning new techniques, doesn’t complain, and is such a joy to work with!