What Has Been the Biggest Surprise in Your Business?

The biggest surprise is that its “longevity” has snuck up on me! Owning a bakery was never something I dreamed of, planned for, or anticipated. I simply started doing something I love, all by myself, and 12 years later I work alongside 38+ employees and offer so much more than cakes and treats to our wonderful customers. Also… seeing a Cute Cakes delivery vehicle on the highway (that I’m not driving) is totally weird!

Favorite Cute Cakes Item

The fruit tarts and the Belgian Pig with sausage, because I can’t choose just one favorite!

Favorite Part of a Celebration

Being a part of the client’s memories! We get to be in their photo albums, their home movies, and those lasting memories get shared with many generations! I’ve had the pleasure of creating cakes for a graduation, then a bridal shower, followed by the wedding, a baby shower cake, and a first birthday smash! I love being “the bakery” for families.

Biggest Pet Peeve

Grocery carts being left out in the parking lot! Seriously!

What Covid Taught me

Covid taught me that being “comfortable” in how I run my business can be detrimental… and even disastrous! Business owners need to continually question and challenge ourselves to step out of our comfort zone and explore new and different ways of doing things. Getting too comfortable can quickly lead to becoming stagnant, and because Covid forced us to rethink how we run our business, we made it through and have created a healthier, more vibrant business for our employees and our guests.