When Did You Join Cute Cakes?

I joined Cute Cakes in Sept. 2014. I applied to a vague Craigslist ad for a cashier and almost 6 years later the business has grown so much! We’ve moved to a larger location and have expanded our offerings and I’m running the show! I definitely did not see that coming, but I am a part of an amazing company!

Favorite Cute Cakes Item

My favorite item changes based on my cravings, lately it is been the fruit danishes or quiche!

Favorite Part of a Celebration

Getting dressed up! Love any excuses for heels or a dress.

Biggest Pet Peeve

People that stop in the middle of a walkway. Hello, you’re not the only one here!

What Covid Taught me

Covid 19 has taught me so much about respecting those around you and showing sympathy to others. You never know what someone’s struggle is and how they are coping with it. Every interaction is an opportunity to make someone’s day or make someone feel loved. We all are on the same planet and apart from the same race (human race), we should all work together to support each other.