Graduation is a momentous occasion that calls for celebration and recognition of hard work and achievements. To make this milestone even more special, Cute Cakes presents the Graduation Cookie Set. This set includes a variety of delicious cookies that are not only visually appealing but also a delightful treat for the taste buds. In this blog, we’ll dive into the details of this Graduation Cookie Set and explore how it can add a touch of sweetness to your graduation festivities.

Types of Graduation Cookie options

“Congrats Grad” Graduation Cookie

The Graduation Cookie Set includes two “Congrats Grad” cookies adorned with polka dots in school colors. These cookies are a fun and festive way to celebrate the graduate’s accomplishments. The vibrant colors and playful design will bring a smile to their face and add a pop of color to the graduation celebration.

“Class of 23” Cookies with Mascot/School Logo and Colored Grad Caps

The Cookie Set also features two “Class of 23” cookies that can be customized with the graduate’s school mascot or logo. These cookies are topped with colored grad caps, symbolizing the completion of their academic journey. These personalized cookies are a wonderful way to honor the graduate’s achievements and showcase their school pride.

Black and Gold “Congrats Grad” Cookie

For an elegant touch, this Cookie Set includes a black and gold “Congrats Grad” cookie. This cookie exudes sophistication and style, making it a perfect addition to any graduation celebration. The combination of black and gold adds a touch of glamor, while the heartfelt message conveys your congratulations in a tasteful way.

Black and Gold Cookie with Grad Cap

The Graduation Cookie Set also includes a black and gold cookie adorned with a grad cap. This cookie is a symbol of the graduate’s hard work and dedication. The black and gold color scheme adds a touch of elegance and makes this cookie a standout piece in the set. It’s a sweet reminder of the graduate’s accomplishments and a perfect treat to savor during the celebration.


The Graduation Cookie Set from Cute Cakes is a delightful way to celebrate the achievements of the graduate. With its variety of cookies, including “Congrats Grad” cookies with polka dots in school colors, “Class of 23” cookies with mascot/school logo and colored grad caps, and elegant black and gold cookies, this set adds a touch of sweetness and style to the graduation festivities. So, let’s raise a cookie and toast to the graduate’s success, hard work, and bright future!